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The Arena of Bazran

This is the arena that is under the City of Bazran, it is the first of the Arenas on the server, and the most violent. It has a Lords House, commons area, and a small market.

The Rules of The Arena of Bazran are as follows:

-No Attacking, or killing in the stands (Level 1) of the arena area, anyone doing so will be slayed.

-If no event is happening, the arena (Level 2) will be open for free kill as necessary. 
-If anyone enters the dirt floor (Level 2) of the arena they are considered fair game for anyone else inside the arena (Level 2) as well.

-Audience members, or players on Level 1 may not attack anyone inside  the arena (Level 2) ever.

-Xir55 is the owner, operator, and ruler of Bazran, and its arena, he has final say in 
all matters.

-The House for the Lords of Canterbury is off limits to all players except lords, and those who have permission to be there.

-All weapons and armor are permitted in the arena.

-It is a fight to the death.