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Capital of Gondor


The capital of Canterbury. Owned and maintained by King Darthsiddious. This city is the home of the Canterbury Courthouse and is the central hub of trade and travel.

Gondor was founded in 210 AD by Virius Lupus, Governor of Canterbury at the time. Originally, the town was only a few farms and one trade port of minor significance. It wasn't until the start of the 4th Centaury AD that Gondor became a point of strategic importance when General Flavius Magnus Magnentius, Commander of the Jovians (Legio V) and Herculians (Legio VI) Legions, use the area as a staging area for the campaigns against the Barbarians in the northern territories. After the Battle of Benchester, the remaining elements of the Jovians and Herculians Legions retreated from the region, leaving a small detachment of 600 Auxilia behind to keep Gondor and Canterbury in Roman hands. In 462 AD, the Barbarians began a campaign of guerrilla warfare against the remaining Roman Legions to the south and east of Canterbury, forcing the Auxilia to abandon their post and leave the Citizens of Gondor to fend for themselves. With that, the king sought peace between Canterbury and the Barbarian hoard that was bearing down on them. In 469 AD, this peace was obtained, but it was very shaky and some Barbarian leaders did not agree to this peace.


Gondor proper has one market place, a light house, Harbor, Courthouse and several shops where players can purchase any items needed. There are also plots available to anyone who wishes to buy them. Restrictions are listed in the Laws and regulations section.

Gondor CourthouseEdit

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Gondor Courthouse

The Canterbury Courthouse is the center of Law and Order in Canterbury. This is where the King and his Lords meet to discuss issues with the region and the Citizens. Trials for crimes that are serious in nature also occur here.