Providences of Canterbury Starting Guide

1. Read the Providences of Canterbury forum, rules and Wiki.

Wiki page: ... rbury_WikiFourm Page: () 2. Download Teamspeak its free


3. To look at map right click on Community room and select Open file browser. Then download world_obliqueangled_north_80-layers.png

4. Now think about what you want to be because you start as a freeman and that's no fun.

a.If you want to mine and build ask the admin to make you a Citizen

b.If you want kill and raid or just be on your own. (Make sure to read the rules on the forum because you can't kill and raid everyone everywhere.) then ask to be a Barbarian

c.If you want to kill Barbarians and protect Citizens the ask to be in the Army (You must where iron armor and have a iron sword at all times.)

5. Now if your a Citizen think about what city you want to join and maybe talk to the local Lord (joining a city means you get money every friday.)

a. open dialog box by pressing T and type /warp it will give you a list of all the cites you can warp to dialog box and type /warp then the name of the city (You can only warp to a city every 10 minutes.)

/warp bazran

6. Once you decide on a city or if you just you just want to build a home in the willderness you need to set it as your home

a.Standing where you want to spawn in your home when you die open the dialog box and type /home set

b.To warp home type /home

7. To lock up your valuables in a chest in the dialog box type /lwc it will give a list of locking commands like:


Then left click on the chest you want to lock.